Yes to the Virtue of Sin

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The Virtue of Sin was quite a compelling read. I felt as if i were on the edge of my seat throughout the book. I felt that the characters were developed well. I like, for some reason, books that deal with cults which is exactly what this book entails. Though it's fictional, I like the whole aspect of learning the whys of things... why people do and think the way they do. The whole psychology of it. I'm getting that's why I added all my psychology courses in college. Anyways. I really did enjoy this book and I thought I had written a review quite some time ago but it appears I haven't. Our protagonist is Miriam who has to go through a marriage ceremony. She believes she'll end up with a certain boy but doesn't. There are all sorts of rules in this cult and Miriam just sites not belong here. She questions everything, as she should, and realizes that this cult is not a normal way to live.