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Predictable but a guilty pleasure read

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I instantly fell into the world of this book. Miriam is the main protagonist. She is a young 16 year old girl who is living in a small religious community called New Jerusalem. In her community the women are expected to obey the men always, never voice their opinion, be submissive and quiet.
Miriam feels so conflicted because she believes in the living prophet Daniel and the Almighty, but also feels oppressed that she cannot speak her mind. Miriam and the other girls are of age that they must be married to the other boys their age. But something goes wrong and Miriam doesn't get picked by the boy she loves even though she is forbidden to talk to him prior to the ceremony.
Her friend Aaron begins to show her some cracks in this perfect community. She begins to question her life. Is Daniel all that he seems? The plot moved along predictably and the ending as well. I felt the writing flowed well and I was intrigued from the very start. The reason i rated it was I felt like it was just a blah book. That there are other similar themed books about cults. The plot was also very much used in many books.