Good story but really dragged

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This is an interesting dive into the inner workings of a religious cult and the individuals born and brought into it. It follows Miriam, who lives in New Jerusalem, a desert sanctum overseen by its leader, Daniel. Miriam was born in New Jerusalem and has never been in the outside world, so she doesn't think twice about its rules such as women and girls cannot speak unless spoken to, or that there is a ceremony where 16 year old boys choose which 16 year old girl they want to marry for life. In fact, she welcomes the opportunity to follow through on God's plan which is to marry Caleb, the boy she loves. But at the ceremony, Daniel decrees that she is not to marry Caleb but Aaron, who is not from New Jerusalem but recently come from the outside world.

The themes touched upon in this book are excellent, it's addressing so much even in the first fifty pages. Miriam is an easy character to follow and you sympathize with her immediately as a hero that has much to learn about the walls that surround her. The book also dissects Caleb's journey throughout the novel, bringing in discussions of faith and how the patriarchy affects not only girls and women but men and boys as well. Overall, what holds the Virtue of Sin back is the pacing. So much time is spent reiterating what is occurring in laborious detail that it becomes easy to feel like the plot is advancing at a snail's pace.