I don’t recommend this “horror” story

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2.5 star rating rounded down to 2 star rating…

I really should have known better. I read The Whisper Man in August 2019 through Book of the Month (BOTM), and I thought it was just okay. For some reason, a year later in July 2020 I picked the author’s next book, The Shadows when it appeared on BOTM. Then, I didn’t pick it up until this month, and I did so in search of a spooky, Halloween-type read.. but I probably should’ve just left it unread on the shelf.

I really just did enjoy this one at all. It was boring, and the storyline was all over the place. Also, I am just super confused at how this was categorized as a horror. It was not scary. It was hardly even thrilling. I’ve read historical fictions that scared me more lol.

And to top it off, the ending was anti-climactic. I am not a DNFer but man, I almost did with this one. Long story short? I don’t recommend it.