Didn't See This Ending Coming!

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The Shadows is a psychological thriller with a supernatural element having to do with dreams. Horror plus mystery and suspense are wrapped up in there too. The sense of foreboding will constantly keep you on edge. This would make a perfect campfire story.

I liked the way both Detective Beck's and Paul's characters are written and definitely got that ominous sociopathic, possibly psychopathic, vibe when we first encounter and hear dialogue from Charlie.

I saw myself in Jenny as the vicarious reader, so sure of herself and content in her solitude by choice with a brilliant mind and things to say when she felt like it.

Alex North is a dirty rat bastard and I love him. He will lead you to believe one thing so hard, so well, only to laugh in your face at how wrong you actually were. His writing is the definition of subtle hints.

The Shadows allows readers to understand the power of how a myth and an unsolved mystery can take over rational thought. Without spoiling anything let me just say there are layers upon layers of plot and theme in this novel and I highly recommend it!