Creepy tale

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The shadows by Alex North is a creepy tale of a small town murder that no one can let go. Probably because Charlie Crabtree disappeared into his dreams…

Paul Adams returns home after 20+ years - his mom has fallen down the stairs and having trouble recovering. All the memories of the murder flood back to him. It was Paul’s friend who was murdered, and his friends who were the murderers. One murderer went to jail, but the other disappeared! Paul was extremely close to the victim, And he was considered a suspect when he was a teenager. Now after returning home, a copy cat killer has murdered in the same way, leaving bloody hand prints everywhere! Due to the similarities, Paul is once again a suspect and must help the police find out what happened 20 years ago and who is doing it all again today.

This story is a slowly unfolding puzzle that will leave the readers satisfied yet hungry for more!