Anticlimactic Ending

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I love thrillers normally, but this one fell short to me. It was more horror aspects than I usually read and it definitely had a creepy factor throughout the entire book. I finished it and felt confused and underwhelmed with the overall ending and there were a lot of piece that didn't quite click for me, I think the dream idea could have been more of what had ended up happening and I thought things with Paul and his mother were going to pan out differently than what we got to see. I had theories for what was going to happen and nothing ended up matching. The details in this book were interesting and slightly intriguing, but I expected to be more on the edge of my seat, and this was not the case. I wanted to really enjoy this book as it was a bit out of my genre comfort zone in terms of more horror than thriller, but ultimately, I can't say it was a favorite read of mine.