Alex North for the win again 😫🙌🏽

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This story had so many different twists and turns. I knew something wasn’t right about Jenny but I was completely floored when I realized what it actually was.

Paul made me so mad at the end too. I felt like the overall theme of this story was people covering for people they love and everything just ended up WORSE. So I couldn’t understand how he would choose to say nothing knowing that potentially there would be more copycat killers, more lost lives all to protect the reputations of dead people.

The plot twist with James and Charlie I wasn’t expecting at all either. This book kept the drama coming but yet nothing felt forced and everything fit so perfectly together in the story. Amazing storytelling and character development!

I also really liked The Whisper Man by Alex North. If you liked this book you will love that too! He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.