A little slow

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The Shadows follows alternating timelines of present day, and twenty-five years prior when a group of boys does “something bad.” The group of boys, with very generic names of Billy, James, Paul, and Charlie, became friends and started lucid dreaming. So, combining the alternating timelines, the generic names (in both timelines), and the lucid dreaming which makes it difficult to know if something actually IS happening, you have one confusing book.

One thing I did enjoy about this book, was that the lucid dreaming did make the reader feel uncomfortable because as a reader you were never really sure what was actually happening. Also, the author had some gory/scary scenes that came upon you quite unexpectedly.

I listened to this on audiobook and I thought the male narrator had a very calming, almost soothing voice which made some of the weird things he said creepier, but it also made the parts of the book where nothing happens seem even more dull.

Overall, this one was just okay for me. It was kind of boring at times, and kind of confusing and I just didn’t get the atmospheric creepy that I needed.