A Great Read

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The shadow by alex north is not the book to read before bed. This book has a scary enough plot to keep you awake. I was so excited when the opportunity arose to read this book. I had the whisperman on my "to be read" list so I had already heard of Alex North and his work. I did not think the books were connected in any way besides the author. I was wrong there is an overlap of character, location, and story line. You dont have to read the whisper man to enjoy this book but I wish I'll had. Another suprise to me was the supernatural aspect of this book. There is a dream sharing plot line. That plot point really suprised me because I was expecting more of a true crime feel to the book. With all that being said I still really liked this book and would recommend reading it. It was overall scary, suspenseful, and unpredictable. A great read.