A Creepy Mystery

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As a supporter of “The Whisper Man,” I was nervous the author’s new book would be too similar to “The Whisper Man.” But I was wrong.

“The Shadows” is a uniquely dark book with a few twists. As a reader, I assumed I would know what was “real” vs. not- especially since I didn’t think this book was considered supernatural in nature. However, that’s what made the book good. As a reader, you aren’t sure what is real and what isn’t real in this book. You aren’t sure if ghosts of the past or a mysterious dream man are what is causing murders in and around the town. This questioning of yourself is what makes this book such a good mystery.

Paul, the main character, is returning to a place he never wanted to return to- home. He is fighting personal demons (a sick mother, a forgotten love, a missed writing career, etc.). Except those personal issues are only a small part of this story. The deeper part is what happened to Paul last time he was home. The people that were hurt in his town, and how those people were hurt - by a person, or by a dream man. It’s a frightening story that ends with some major twists. I had to read a few pages twice to ensure I was reading it correctly- which are the best twists!