A Copycat Killer?

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Some twenty-five years have passed since Paul Adams left Gritten. Now, with his mother’s health seriously deteriorating, he reluctantly returns to the house where he grew up, to the place where his friend died in a ritualistic murder.

But as his mother lies close to death, he discovers that the grisly murder has inspired a copycat. Charlie Crabtree vanished after the murder all those years ago. And now someone is following him. Will the long-held, closely-guarded secrets of the past finally reveal the truth?

Told alternately in the past and in the present, this creepy tale keeps the suspense building as the ever-present tension plays on the readers’ nerves. Twists and turns, unexpected reveals, and some dark secrets keep the pages turning and the reader ensnared in the telling of the tale.

Recommended for readers who enjoy tales of horror.