A bit confusing and difficult to follow

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Synopsis: 25 years ago there was a gruesome murder by two teenage boys who were obsessed with lucid dreaming and performed a sacrifice to a man in order to escape the real world and stay in their dreams forever. The murder has inspired many copy-cat killings since including a crime that Detective Amanda Beck is following in another town.⁣

Review: When I heard Alex North had a new book coming out, I was so excited! I didn't love this one but I could see how it would really work for others. I enjoyed the multiple POVs and different timelines with the detective uncovering the mystery and the past relaying Paul's story from being a part of the group of boys. The woods, or "The Shadows" lend a very creepy setting throughout. ⁣

This can be read as a standalone but big references and comparisons to The Whisper Man are there. I found the story a bit confusing to follow at times with the timelines and characters. This one did have some unanswered questions for me and I missed that hyped feeling throughout. This is a very slow burn but has some good twists and creep factor. ⁣