A taunting look at what we will find within the pages of this tantalizing book

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Three different scenes are in the first impression and each teases more and made me want to read more. In the prologue, we find a teen headed to the police station with his mom. Following the police car, they stop at the playground, and his eyes are magnetically drawn to the jungle gym. What happened there? We don’t know yet, but I surely want to read more to find out! Then, the scene changes to Detective Amanda Beck, once again called to a gruesome murder scene. Why are there bloody handprints all over the rock there? Again, I really want to know! Finally, Paul Adams returns to Gritten because his mom is in hospice dying. After driving four hours, he goes in to visit her and she awakens only to tell him that he shouldn’t have come and something or someone is in the house. Why shouldn’t he be there? Inquiring minds (mine!) want to know. And what’s going on in his old house? Only his mother seems to know and she hasn’t said yet. This first impression is an absolutely tantalizing look at what is to come gives me the heebie-geebies as I was reading it. Such detail, such creepiness and such a tease!