Young Adult but more Middle Grade

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The Quest For The Golden Plunger is the perfect book for a fun summertime read! Laugh out loud and full of very silly puns, I had a smile on my face for most of the story, that's for sure! This is one of those books that you do judge by the cover and the title. Take just one look at the cover and you know this is not your typical book. This should take you back to your childhood and if you have ever been to summer camp (I have not but always wanted to go) then you should feel right at home here! The one thing I do have to say though, is that this is marketed as a 'young adult' but while reading it, it came off more as a middle grade book to me. That would be the only drawback. While funny yes, it at times could be just a tad bit much. But overall I went into this book knowing it would be a ball of fun and that is just what I got. This is perfect for summer in every sence of the word!