Wanted more that puns and one-liners

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Adventure Rangers Troop 99 is determined to win the coveted Golden Plunger at summer camp at Camp Winnebago. They have a lot standing in their way, such as their rivals in Troop 100, and their general misbehavior doesn't help either. Between a scheme involving chocolate laxatives, an abundance of bullying, unrequited love, the return of the Wafflestomper, and a buck covered in a taser-filled net, the adventures had at Camp Winnebago will not soon be forgotten by all involved. 

The Quest for the Golden Plunger is a book full of clever play on words and crazy humor, but for me it wasn’t a very enjoyable novel; I couldn’t seem to immerse myself into the story. I did like the setup of the novel; it jumps from the present to the past to reveal bits of information about the characters, their individual circumstances, and their motives for their actions. I also liked the comradery between the characters as they work towards the common goal of winning The Golden Plunger. The ending of the novel seemed a little rushed and abrupt, and left me wanting more. Overall I wanted more than just some clever puns and one-liners.

Thank you to BookishFirst, Campfire Publishing LLC, and Jackson Dickert for gifting me an electronic copy of The Quest for the Golden Plunger, given in exchange for an honest review; all opinions are my own.