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This book brought back so many great, and not so great, memories of adolescence and camp.

This is a perfect summer read and will have you in stitches! This is such a wonderful cast of misfits, including the adults, and I could 100% relate on so many levels. I think it's great for those who aren't 'misfits' to read it as well, as it's always good to see the other perspective.

This book tells the story of a group of kids who are seeking to have fun, win that golden plunger, and help each other out.

The characters in the book are incredibly immersive and have fantastic depth. The author managed to make me understand so many totally different people and their lives in such a short amount of time, it baffles me. And he did it with the right amount of ridiculous moments and sincere moments.

I eagerly await a sequel for troop 99's next adventure.

Many thanks to Bookish First for my audiobook copy that I won!