Summer Camp Flashback

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The Quest for the Golden Plunger is a story that brings the reader back to adolescence and summer camp. Being upfront, I am not the author's intended demographic, and really, should have had my child read this for me. With that being said, I did enjoy it, and definitely laughed at different parts--especially imagining the deer with tazers running by!

This book is full of mischief, toilet humor, pranks and pretty much everything you would see-and remember-from summer camp. The storyline isn't anything that is new and exciting, but very reminiscent of what summer camp and the pranks are all about. The storyline was relatable, and it really brings you back to what you potentially experienced.

The writing was spot on for this demographic and I think that fans of the wimpy kid series will enjoy this book--the characters definitely have similarities. Definitely recommend it for that age group!