Silly enjoyable read

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I won an audio copy of this book from bookish first! I went in not knowing what to expect other than a middle grade read about summer camp.

Honestly I was mostly looking forward to a nostalgia factor. What I got was much more entertaining.

The underdogs of the story want nothing more than to win the end of camp trophy. The coveted Golden Plunger! In this book you will discover a whirlwind of never ending fun. The laughs continually keep coming.

I found myself giggling and enjoying every moment. I couldn’t help but root for the misfits, the non jocks, the outcasts of camp. You just really want them to win above all else.

I recommend this book to any middle grade kid, parent, or really anyone of any age. You will find a light hearted read that keeps you moving forward on the tails of laughter.

This book was a 3.5. The plot did seem to go in different directions in places and the story lost its luster at times. But still a very enjoyable read.