Rip Roaring Fun

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The Quest for the Golden Plunger: The Misadventures of the Adventure Rangers is a hilarious tale that delves into the week long summer camp experience of the misfits of Troop 99. Will they bond or will they be disbanded?
This is a literal Laugh Out Loud tale of mischief and adventure that ended with me begging for more. I would love to see Troop 99 reunite for another adventure that strengthens those bonds of brotherhood that were forged in this novel.
I expected this to be a cute middle grade tale that gave the reader a couple of chuckles. What I found was something a bit more mature that had me actively rooting for the underdogs. This book was hard to put down! It has honest to goodness rip roaring, laugh out loud action that had me hee hawing to the point where I almost wet my pants laughing.
Reader beware when reading this in public as random bursts of laughter will cause you to receive odd looks from people.