Not for me at all!!!

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This book is clearly aimed at the younger young adult that really likes silly jokes and puns. I could definitely see a 12 year old boy enjoying this book, but not so much an adult.

I, unfortunately, had to DNF this book. I was not enjoying it, and did not want to waste any more of my "reading" time to it. It was a book that was generally just not for me, and I definitely should have known that from the start.

That being said, I think a younger crowd could get into this book, and really enjoy it. I was just not the target audience. This book had immature and "campy" jokes that just are not my speed.

I wanted to give it two stars, because the author obviously put time and effort into writing that, and that, in and of itself, should be commended. I don't have real big issues with the book except that it was not something that I would ever choose to read again.