It was a pleasant surprise

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I have to say this book definitely surprised me in a very good way. It basically brings you back to summer camps when you were a kid and creates a sense of nostalgia. It has this really great humor to it too. The story itself is about a troop of underdogs, wanting to win that elusive golden plunger and the chaos and life lessons that come with being a kid. It’s very much a coming of age story and honestly the type of book that would’ve been a major hit as a movie back in the day, not to totally age myself. But that’s also something that I enjoyed about the book having grown up in those times. I can see where there could’ve been a little bit more story development for the novel itself but it didn’t hurt the story. Overall I think that this book was a fun read and for anyone who has been in one of those camps or even does scouts I can see where the characters are super relatable as well as the experiences to an extent.