It Just Doesn't Matter

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Ah, I love the smell of acne cream in the morning…

Welp, it’s official. Summer is here. Wait, no, it’s not. Summer’s over by the time I read this book and so is the adolescence towards whom it’s apparently aimed. Starting with teenagers creaming each other over a video game and segueing to an odoriferous drive to summer camp, we’re in for a bunch of little boys and muy macho older kids swerving from boredom to gleeful mayhem.

Troop 99 comes off reminding me of the 1979 film “Meatballs”, where a goofy Bill Murray is head counselor to a bunch of misfits. And, true to this bowdlerized idea of what camp is like, the troop is trying to win the Golden Plunger. It’s not an actual prize per se but they want to win the bragging rights to it. Ah, there’s nothing like the sight of teenage boys engaged in a pissing contest.

We’re in for nutty hijinks, bullying, pranks teetering on the edge of meanness and a race for a prize as meaningful as that plastic crown awarded to the prom queen. Gear up, campers, and make sure you brought your backpacks. All rise for our national anthem!