I couldn't get in to this one

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The Quest for the Golden Plunger is the story of a boy scout like troop of teenagers at summer camp, all working on the quest to win the Golden Plunger. Our heroes are Do-Over and his scrappy Troop 99, who are rivals with Troop 100. Troop 100, of course, is not scrappy, and they are the picture-perfect image of what a Troop should be.

I am definitely not the target audience for this book, but I thought I could pre-read it for my nephew. I also spent summers in college as a camp counselor, and was hoping for some nostalgia. Unfortunately, I just really, really couldn't get in to the story, as much as I tried. The humor was a lot of bathroom humor, which probably appeals to the target audience, but not so much me. There was some backstory to some of the characters, which I actually found more interesting than what was going on at camp, but not interesting enough to keep me engaged in the book.