Humorous Camp Story

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This score is rounded up from a 2.5. I will admit that this book had some good humor and I did like the snippets we got from different times (Even if some were silly, some were decent, relevant backstory). But over all I wanted more of a story than I got with this one. I kept waiting for it to be better because honestly I do think there was some potential there buried somewhere underneath the puns, jokes, and adolescent boy humor. I did like Ducky and seeing his family and I loved the lesson he taught (even if it wasn’t totally an appropriate method). I also went to camp and while there were some bits of nostalgia I think I was hoping for a big more of that. The basic plot was pretty simple underdogs Troop 99 is desperate to win the camp’s elusive golden plunger award this year and their biggest competition is the much more traditional and together Troop 100. Honestly it would have made a great movie in the 80’s. The characters were decent although I felt like they could have developed a few more.