Great for a younger audience.

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I thought this was a cute book, perfect for the pre-pubescent boys/girls in your house. It's a lot of toilet humor but if you put your adult pride aside (that rhymed!) you could easily enjoy it maybe while reading it to someone younger.
The story follows a group of boys (Troupe 99) on their misadventures in Camp Winnebago. The ultimate goal for them is to finally earn the beloved Golden Plunger! There's new blooming, one-sided romance as one of the boys falls for the beautiful camp nurse. There's the typical "nerdy" character that cant help but to attract the bullies. There's also the Grandpa who's get rich scheme involves chocolate laxatives!
The author does a great job at painting the picture of a hot, sweaty, muddy, summer-camp infested with growing boys. (Whether they want to be there or not!) It calls for laughs around your own campfire.