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Where do I start with this book??

Going into this book I knew it would be a hit or miss. It’s not my typical kind of read and therefore I felt like that had an impact on my overall review. I could really appreciate what the story did but it just wasn’t for me.

I do think there were some great and funny moments. I loved how it talked about Boy Scouts and the whole idea of camping and how bad someone can actually be at it. I definitely did have a laugh at that.

However, the whole story just felt and dull for me personally. Maybe someone else would enjoy it but there just wasn’t a lot that happened. It was also so slow and so much unnecessary things were added to make it longer.

I’m not sure if I would recommend this one. Maybe if it’s something you know you’ll love then sure give it a shot. Otherwise, I would probably say to just skip it or DNF if you’re not enjoying it.