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The Quest for the Golden Plunger: The Misadventures of the Adventure Rangers is a great read for anyone who wants to feel the nostalgia of summer camp. Jackson Dickert does a wonderful job weaving a group of misfits into a group of underdogs that you can't help but root for. This is a perfect summer read. The story begins with Do-Over and the Adventure Rangers of Troop 99 battling it out with their rival, Troop 100, for Camp Winnebago's Golden Plunger and a trip to Adventure Camp. You can not read this book without feeling for Do-Over and Troop 99. Their awkwardness and the chaos of summer camp will leave everyone laughing out loud. This should be on your to be read pile if you are looking for a hilariously funny, fast-paced book. This book is easy to read and is a great read for any age group. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone.