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this book was such a delight to read! i found myself flipping one page after another (after another) until --- would you look at that, i finished the entire book in one sitting! i like that there was such a fun cast of characters that did a great job of re-creating that nostalgic "summer camp shenanigans" aesthetic, and the humor was equally nostalgic, reminding me of books that i would've read while at sleepaway camp.

if i had to sum up this book in just two words, i would probably say "delightful" and "nostalgic" (and i already have...ha!) because it truly paints an excellent portrait of summer camp chaos and will make pretty much anyone feel nostalgic for those carefree (and chaotic) summer days, simultaneously making you laugh while doing so!

the book synopsis draws comparisons to shows/movies like american vandal, superbad, etc, and i have to say, the comparisons are quite accurate!