An absolutely hilarious summer camp story

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The Quest for the Golden Plunger: The Misadventures of the Adventure Rangers is the story of Troop 99, a group of teenage misfits and underdogs, as they head off to Camp Winnebago. Their goal is to win the Golden Plunger, the ultimate camp trophy.
They have many obstacles in their way, such as their own mischievous behavior, evading authority figures and the military and vengeful Troop 100. The characters are great and have a lot more depth than you would expect
from a book with 'Golden Plunger ' in the title. The story alternates between the present at camp, and the various characters' back stories, so that their motives and attitudes can be understood. The reader cannot help but root for these underdogs.
The story is absolutely hilarious and had me frequently doubled over laughing. There is an abundance of potty humor and crazy slapstick; therefore, it will not appeal to everyone. I'm not easily offended, but the only insult I found that crossed a line was when one of the boys called another "AIDS face" when teasing him about his acne. The classic "pizza face" would have sufficed.
This book will appeal to fans of the Wimpy Kid, the Middle School series, Captain Underpants and Gordon Korman books. There is a lot of swearing which might be a deal breaker for some parents.