Absolutely Loved it

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The Quest of the Golden Plunger is a story about teenagers with minor adult supervision doing whatever teenagers do, what could go wrong? I read the book in about 3 sittings because it was super entertaining and super funny. I have never gone to summer camp nor was I part of the girl scouts but reading The Quest of The Golden Plunger made me wish I did. I also really loved the writing style.

I loved how the characters were so different from each other but yet complemented each other, from Do-Over (the semi-calm one), to Uncle Ruckus (the chaotic one). The cast made me feel like I was apart of this really cool friendship/relationship. I loved how they were all super outgoing and would speak whatever was on there mind specifically Uncle Ruckus. I adored the fact that the story made me feel like there was an ongoing inside joke that I was apart of. Can't wait to buy my own physical copy of the book. Loved It!!!