3 1/2 rounded up for its humor

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This book was funny for young readers. Adults may find this book to be silly - but that's the magic of it all! This troop was a great mix of characters but all relatable children. We've all been, known, or heard of these type of kids growing up and a summer camp setting was perfect. Now, we get to the award of this 'Golden Plunger' that these troops are pawing after... A plunger? Seriously? How depraved are these kids to thrive for a plunger of gold? Anyway, beyond that the story was fun and the camp was a riot. This is one of those books that is sprinkled with themes that don't truly flourish and you end up with a juvenile Seinfeld type of read - a book about nothing (much). I recommend to those that are looking for a(n) fun, nostalgic, easy story. Also to those who like summer camp stories, this one will fit you perfectly! [Thank you to the author, publisher, and BookishFirst for the free ebook!]