The Making of a King

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To begin with, the cover art is beautiful, as well as all the artwork through out the book. It helps bring the story to life and is the main reason I chose to read the book in the first place.

It is easy to see that the author has invested a great deal of time in research for this book. The details bring depth and character to the story.

If you like stories about King Arthur, this one will not be a disappointment. It is about the people, purpose, and paths, that led King Arthur to become the High King.

It was wonderful to see the characters I’ve heard about my whole life, in a new way and from a different perspective. Many of them became more realistic and less mystical. I also liked the strength found behind King Arthur. So many people helped him accomplish all that he did. I also loved the focus on morals, living a honorable life, and succeeding because of it.