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The Princess of Selgovae and the High King

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“No disguise could cloak her beauty and therein was unspeakable danger.”

Princess Vivien's idyllic life is shattered when Saxons invade her sire’s kingdom. So long had the Selgovaeans enjoyed peace they are ill prepared and are quickly conquered by the barbarians, her father slain. Alone, Vivien is forced to flee to the hidden sanctuary of The Mountain. Her journey is extremely perilous as the Saxons search out every road and trail, seeking to capture the princess and obtain a vital secret that she possesses. To evade her enemies, she must rely on wit, cunning and the help of the enigmatic sage, the Immortal Hawk.

Destined for a purpose far greater than she can imagine, Vivien is empowered to establish a realm of unearthly majesty, where warriors are secretly trained as skilled and chivalrous knights. The sage, known by his foes as the Magician, foretells of the rise of young Arthur, a resistance fighter who will raise an army of knights, defeat the invaders and be crowned High King of Britannia. Yet these prophecies are dependent on Vivien, her men-of-war, the secret she guards with her life, and above all else, the inspiration of her love.

The Princess of Selgovae and the High King is a thrilling tale of adventure, magic, romance and destiny, set against the backdrop of ancient Britain. Fans of epic fantasy and historical fiction will be swept away by this tale of a young princess who risks everything to save her kingdom and fulfill her destiny.

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Bryce Gibby

Bryce Gibby, has lived his own odyssey, having flown over 13,000 hours as an airline captain and professional aviator, flying the skies of Europe, Iceland, Greenland, North America and Mexico. As a freelance writer, Bryce has traversed lands of ancient legends, on the British Isles and the European continent, researching history and myth, seeking untold adventures and discovering forgotten threads of truth in the tapestry of old tales. His seven-book series, Chronicles of the Heroic, is convincingly written, thrilling, romantic, frightening, humorous, epic. With spellbinding style, he weaves tales of queens and kings, immortals and demigods, wizards and witches, rousing gallantry and abysmal barbarism.

In addition to these works of historical fiction, Bryce has authored biographies of aviation pioneers and courageous young women who changed the course of history.

Book Details

Publisher Bryce Gibby
Genre Young Adult
Publication Date May 06 2020
ISBN 9798643791508


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