I didn’t care for this one

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I will be honest and say when I first read the sneak peek of The Princess of Selgove and The High King I was not really interested. The opening was very chaotic and had the old English style that doesn’t always work for every story and it really didn’t for this one. I wasn’t really clear on what the plot was. It was made up of a series of ancient lands that would make up Great Britain and was also a “story” loosely based on King Arthur. It also had a lot of religious imagery which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the combination just didn’t work for me. Another major issue for me beyond the revolving plot was the lack of character development.

Who were the main characters besides Arthur and the princess? I honestly couldn’t tell you they were so underdeveloped. Why did the princess have to escape her kingdom? The story never really gives a clear answer. The story consisted of an underwhelming plot and no character development.