Storyline lost in Profanity

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The Princess Knight
By G.A. Aiken
Good storyline and I liked the strong female characters. I did not like the over use of profanity. The overuse of the “f” word and “gd” made it hard to get to the interesting parts of the story. It took me longer than it should have to read the book because I got so tired of reading those words five or ten times on a single page that I would put it down and go to something else. I really did like the storyline of the book and Aiken is a talented writer but probably won’t read another because of the profanity which is sad since the epilogue introduced a whole new line of characters and had little to do with either Brother Gemma or Queen Keely except for mistaken identity by a crazy woman wanting to dragons to kill them for using child slave labor (which they didn’t). I would give the storyline 5 stars but the language 2 stars.