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Since I listened to the first book on audio I was a little hesitant to actually read this one. Sometimes audiobooks can bring humor and characters to life better than the good old noggin can. I shouldn't have worried. This was an excellent second installment for the Scarred Earth Saga. Gemma and Quinn absolutely made this book for me and what I loved most was their weirdly discreet yet obviously budding relationship. I am officially nerding hardcore over all of these characters and their world.

The first novel is based on Keeley and her struggle to accept the prophecy that she is one of two queens. Hell Wolves, Centaurs, witches and war monks riddled that book with excellent world building and passages that make you crack up all the time. This is Gemma's story (Keeley's war monk sister). I will say that at the closure of the first book I was not a huge Gemma fan but having this book with her perspective definitely changed things. All of the different characters from the first book and additions of new religious sects, new magics, gory battles and descriptive kill scenes fill this one to the brim. Half dead, regenerating death horse too!

Multiple POVS between the characters are easy to follow, the world building holds true to the first book while building onto what I remember so vividly from book one. My only drawback is I felt something was missing though I cannot pinpoint what it is. Maybe it's the lack of narration or the quickly moving ending or just the fact I am already wanting more. I am not fully sure exactly. Either way, this is a top series for me right now and I cannot wait for the next installment which brings in the dragons!!! I will also be waiting patiently for the audio on this one too. I seriously love it that much guys.

I used my points to snag a copy from Bookishfirst based on the cover and before knowing what this saga was about. Seriously special thank you to them for bringing such an awesome author to my attention! Needless to say I will be on the hunt for more of her works. Also shoutout to G.A. Aiken for the beautiful advanced copy and pin and to publisher Kensington Books for brining this physical beauty into existence.