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Most books I don't really like a time gap between the series. Most times you can't control that. From The Blacksmith Queen to this book there is a 2 yr time gap. Felt a little lost, then eventually caught up.
Loved all the characters. Gemma is a hoot! How she carries herself most are afraid of her, however she is funny and nice. The relationship between her and Quinn is quite comical at times. Gemma is a War monk and vastly feared, yet Quinn see's right through her. Quinn lets not get started on him shall we? He is a centaur who can shift into a human! I mean best of both worlds. To see them interact in a battle is amazing, their chemistry is off the charts.
This book it's about choosing sides it's either Keely or Beatrix! A blacksmith who can crush your skull or an evil sister who can get people to do her dirty work. Who would you choose? I would go with Keely! Who wants to be with a sister who tried to kill you??
Can't wait for the next book.