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Kriegszorn is Awesome!

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I really enjoyed this whole book! This is the second book in the series and while you still get updates on the other characters, including the introduction of Ainsley who I think the third book is going to be about, this one is mostly about Gemma and the War Monks.

Gemma is a cool character (though I must admit that I like Keeley better, Gemma is a little stubbornly annoying at times). This time they are protecting the other orders and religious sects from Cyrus who is slaughtering them all in the name of his one god. There are battles and fights galore and Gemma gets to meet up with her most loyal horse that she had lost. Kriegszorn is so totally awesome and I hope she gets lots more action in the next books!

This book is mostly about action and is light on the romance, but that is okay. The bit of romance there is, is cute.

This was great fun and I cannot wait till the next one arrives!