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I feel bad. I dnfed this book...

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I really wanted to like this, I gave it my all, I picked up the first book from the library because I wanted to love this book, and I just didn’t. I couldn’t make it past the first few chapters in the first book as I spent a lot of it confused as to what was happening and trying to piece information together as it slowly came through. I know this book isn’t released yet; so I’m not to try and give it another shot to see if I can soldier my through it and try to enjoy it.

I wish there was more explanation in the beginning instead of information just being thrown out and hoping we catch onto it. The character descriptions weren’t the best, were thrown into a world that is new to us with very little information that is explained.

I think this was a me problem and I fully intend of giving it another shot when I’m a little more clearheaded, I hope you guys don’t take this to heart, and check out some other reviews.