This is going to be good!

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We've got royalty in the queen, Keeley Smythe, and her sister, Gemma. Keeley is a blacksmith, but she's also the queen, and it doesn't sound like her life plan included that. Gemma is a War Monk. And they've got themselves a puzzle to solve. The excerpt gets the action rolling early with Keeley, Gemma, and others encountering a pacifist monk, the only one of his order left alive after a terrible attack. Thieves? Maybe. But there seems to be more to it, and Keeley and Gemma's sister, Beatrix, may be behind what could be a very vile plot.

I want to know how Keeley and Gemma became royalty. I want to know what's up with Beatrix and how she fell in with her very nasty husband. I want to know where the pacifist order's artifacts of power went and who took them. I really want to read this book!