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The first thing I noticed about the first few chapters sampled here is that its very dialogue heavy. This is not necessarily a bad thing but I hope to see more world building included in the full novel. I enjoyed the character dynamics, quite a few laughs were had early on so I can only assume they continue throughout. It just lacked descriptions of settings and worldbuilding in favor of following conversations between characters. This left me feeling confused through most of this and trying to grasp what was going on through small tidbits of conversation. Perhaps this was intentional, and if so- this might not be for me. It felt like I was expected to already know what this world was and how it worked, and I fell behind greatly because I did not. It made it hard to follow anything at all, and thus not really care what was happening. I'd be interested to see how the world is expanded upon in later chapters or if it continues to be nearly entirely dialogue based.