Thrilling Page Turner!!

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Parker is a young Psychiatrist that believes he can fix the broken patient (Joe) that nobody wants to go near. He wonders why so many strange deaths happen around this patient. Joe was admitted as a child and has been able to manipulate every one of his caretakers. Psychological warfare is his game. Parker initially believes Joe is an innocent man that has been taken advantage of by the system because he comes from a wealthy family. He wonders if the facility is keeping Joe against his will to collect checks. Little does Parker know, Joe is brilliant at finding an individuals weakness and exploits it so much that many have committed suicide or have gone crazy themselves. Joe knows things about people that he couldn't possibly know. He is a master manipulator and Parker falls right into his trap. I couldn't put this book down! The arrogance of Parker when he arrives is met with hostility with his boss. I was rooting for Parker to make headway with Joe. I was totally fooled by Joe as well. Very well done!