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This book was soooooooo well written its crazy! I lowkey got scared not gonna lie. The patient is one of my favorite books. I read it at night which made it muchhh scarier. I don't think I've ever read books as well as this tbh. I don't wanna spoil anything for those who haven't read the book, but just know this book will make you stay up alllllll night. Parker was very naive to think he could help the patient. The patient is no ordinary patient. He's a monster. The story was smooth at first but as I continued flipping the pages it got wayyy darker. This wasn't just thriller it also had horror. WARNING: THIS BOOK HAS ANIMAL ABUSE. If you don't like that sort of stuff I don't recommend this book. It was a very fun to read for me since I am into stuff like this but if you aren't please don't read it! I finished this book a week ago and I still can't get over how scary it was.