Short and Creepy Page Turner

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A new doctor, an old hospital and a patient with a horrific past. This story reads super fast but delivers a creepy account of Parker (the doctor) and "Joe" (the patient) and the ensuing relationship. Dr. Parker believes he can cure Joe, who all doctors before him have deemed incurable. Is he right? Can he help this patient everybody else has written off, despite all the horrific events that occur when he is treated or visited for an extended amount of time? Although this story is short, I finished it in less than 24 hours, it will intrigue and haunt it's readers throughout it's pages. You will find yourself trying to diagnose Joe right along with the doctors and failing along with them as well. Chilling, haunting and suspenseful... A good package of horror set in a relatable setting leaving you speculating about Parker's sanity and Joe's insanity all the way until the end and even beyond