Unlike anything you’ll ever read

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Okay…this book is amazing. It’s so unique! I love that the narrator is telling us a story almost as if it was real. Like redacting names and information. It allows us to be immersed in the story. The author made an amazing choice choosing this style. You can tell from the introduction that it’s going to be a good one.

It is also so creepy. The setting of a mental hospital is bad enough but then add that it’s a secluded, private, understaffed one…even more so. I’m also loving the way the author describes character’s personalities and traits. It’s such an amazing way for us to create a mental picture for what is happening.

Adding aspects like document entries is another thing that creates an amazing way to tell a story. We become absorbed in the different aspects of what is happening, and we can see things that have been written in the past.

Just from reading the first chapter, I’m hooked. I want to know more! And it’s so easy to fly through it and I love that in a book. I could go on and on with the wonderful, creative, spooky things that this book has to offer, but that would take all day.

I do have a problem with the fact that after doing more research, this is a supernatural book. Wish that would be stated in the genres, as now I'm not going to be reading this.