The suspense is killing me

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The first thing that has really intrigued me to read this book is the suspense element inculcated in the story. The question ' Why the Patient is like this and what does he do that forces people to kill themselves or become mad. It makes me remember the crime stories we watch on TV often. Hence, the first look of the book and the characters of doctor and patient both are so captivating that it urges the reader to read the story immediately. The first impression of the story is quite interesting and leaves you thinking about the story and the powerful character of the patient as what power of conviction he has that makes people mad or kill themselves. The story seems to be full of suspense and misery as it would disclose the situations and cases that lead people to mental asylum. I am really looking forward to enjoy the book as the story seems to be thrilling and kind of murder mystery full of suspense. The character of Doctor is really appealing as it is one of the main characters around which story seems to be revolving. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that it a treat to read.