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Chilling, dark, and just perfect

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Freakin' wow.

I'm a bit at a lost for words, but one thing I can say confidently is that this is the best first-look I've had the privilege of reading on Bookish First. I was engaged, not just from the first page, but the small, brief paragraph that set the scene to this story.

The sample was only 23 pages, but I fly by them so quickly and was genuinely shaken when the sample ended. I want--no, need--to know more about Joseph.

Did his upbringing turn him into the disturbed young man he is today?
Is he treatable?

What did he do to the other staff members to make them so terrified of him?

I NEED MORE ANSWERS! Definitely going to pick up this book when released and highly recommend everyone to read the first look. Addicting and chilling!