A Second Guess at A Psychiatric Hospital

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A new Doctor wanting to work in a Psychiatric Hospital after growing up with a mother who suffered from mental illness lands him in a not so state of the art treatment meant facility.

From the get go, things seem a little off as he sees an orderly being transported via a gurney and strapped down for visiting a patients room...again. As he hears this his curiosity peaks.

He hears of a patient that no one one wants to speak of or deal with. The Doctor, wanting to help the man and possibly cure him goes about finding the history of this patient on his own. What he discovers is shocking. The now 46 year old man was originally admitted at the age of 6 for night terrors and seemingly to have marks on his arm. At the time the little boy claimed they were from the monsters.

It is also noted there have been no such terrors since his stay at the psychiatric center and the patient’s response is, “because the monsters don’t live here”

There is something wrong with the going ons at the hospital and definitely a huge mystery as to why a little boy remained locked up all these years.