Timely and Thought-provoking

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I won't lie. I was hesitant to read a book about a pandemic during a pandemic, but I was moved by The Orphan Collector. We are removed enough from the events of 1918, though there are certainly lessons to be taken away.

More than just a novel about the pandemic, however, it's also a story about nativism and xenophobia and how the marginalized face oppression on multiple fronts. It's a story about family and resilience and what it means to love and to grieve.

Characters Pia and her family are well-developed, as is the city of Philadelphia itself during the height of the pandemic. Villain Bernice could use a bit more nuance in her depiction, but that is only one small quibble with this story.

For fans of historical fiction, this book should definitely be on their lists either for now to understand our in the future to help reflect on this past year.